Snorkeling equipment*
Water skiing
SCUBA Diving
Kite Boarding
Paddle Boarding

Yacht with open beach club

Sea turte and scuba diver
Yacht and jet ski
Man on jet ski and yacht on the horizon

Would you like to have a jet ski available for use while on your yacht charter? How about going snorkeling at the best secret spots at Foley Rocks? Maybe you’d like to kayak by one of the many sandbars?

Water sports and activities are a great way to maximize the fun value on your yacht charter. It’s fun for the whole family and a great way to entertain guests. The Advantaged is pleased to offer a variety of water sports that can be added to your charter experience.

These water sports are only available in conjunction with one of our luxury yacht charters or as part of a Special Luxury Package.

Please call 855-305-BOAT or email us for prices and we’ll work to make your yacht charter experience a fun one.

Some of our larger Luxury vessels come equipped with snorkeling equipment and a waverunner.


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